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What is normalcy?

Someone recently asked me what I mean when I say “normalcy” and I often find myself challenged to provide the answer. We certainly do not have a pre-defined idea of “normal”. We do not define normal as being just like everyone else, I mean, how boring would life be if we were all the same. We do, however, want to ensure that every child and teen has access to normal childhood experiences, whatever that means to them. “Normal” could mean summer camp (of any kind), sports, art, music, prom, a yearbook, a prom dress, work clothes. Reflecting on my own childhood and teen years, I think what was normal was wanting to feel included, wanting to feel connected, having activities I loved to do with friends I loved to spend time with.  And that’s what the STRIVE Scholarship program is all about. Making sure that every child and teen has access to whatever makes them feel “normal”.

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