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Today, I say THANK YOU!

Our focus at AspireKids is, of course, the children we serve. However, over the last two weeks I have been continually inspired by the other adults that also work to improve the lives of children. And during a recent meeting I was reminded of the impact of a simple thank you. So today, I say Thank You.

THANK YOU! to the Court Appointed Special Advocate's that actively work to be the voice of foster children.

THANK YOU! to the foster parents that take in children that are scared, sad and tired from the weight of the world. Who carry some of that weight for the kids they bring into their care often adding financial and emotional stress to their own world.

THANK YOU! to the administrators and directors that work each day to find solutions to the challenges that too many of our young people face. Who run into road block after road block but continue to push forward and never give up.

THANK YOU! to the family members who bring in children so that they don't have to enter foster care and can stay connected to family.

And finally, THANK YOU, to all of the people these last few weeks that have been kind enough to set time aside to meet with me so that I can learn more about the needs of at-risk kids and what other services are available.

THANK YOU! Two simple words with a huge impact!

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