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Together We Can!

Since the beginning of our fundraising efforts I have been using the term "together we can" because I believe in the power of many. But beyond the power of many when it comes to fundraising, getting to know the community of leaders that work with at-risk children may be just as impactful.

There is a lot to learn when it comes to the needs of at-risk children and the resources available to them. There are no simple solutions and no one person or entity can resolve the issues independently. But... together we can!

AspireKids can't erase trauma experienced by a child, provide food and shelter, or reunite a family. What we can do is provide little sparks of hope, small glimpses of normalcy, for the children we are fortunate enough to help.

In light of this theme, I have set out to meet with the local experts on at-risk youth and learn everything I can. And I can make sure they know AspireKids is here as a resource along the way. Already I have already met some of the most incredible, inspiring people I could have ever hoped to meet on this path. I am starting 2019 fueled by their knowledge, dedication and willingness to put in the hard work. AspireKids will do great things this year and continue to push to give a little spark of hope to as many kids as we can reach this year.

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