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For the love of tennis.

Meet Jaipreet, our first scholarship recipient. A few weeks ago we received a nomination for a scholarship from Jaipreet's tennis coach, Andy Webb. Jaipreet is a freshman in high school and autistic which means a lot of extra tutoring for him. It's a lot of work and the cost can be extensive. Jaipreet also loves to play tennis and wants to play for his High School team and with some extra training and practice he will do just that!

We were fortunate enough to deliver his scholarship in person and meet Jaipreet, his parents and his coach at a tennis lesson. Seeing how happy Jaipreet was to receive this scholarship and have the ability to continue with his tennis lessons was the highlight of our week, maybe our month.

Here is a note from Meeta, Jaipreet's mom:

"Hello Jodi ,

I am very grateful to you and AspireKids for the scholarship for Jaipreet for his tennis lessons.

Being in a sport for Jaipreet is very important as it develops his concentration and comprehension levels.

As parents we have to prioritize what he needs most and sometimes it gets hard financially to afford everything at the same time even though the need is there. With organizations like yours you make dreams possible for kids with special needs. Jaipreet is elated and excited. He absolutely loves his coach Andy and connects with him very well which is so important.

I am thankful to you, your organization and coach Andy for the help and being a part of my child’s journey.


Meeta "

It was our pleasure, Meeta. And good luck to you, Jaipreet! We can't wait to see you out on the tennis court!

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