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13 Days! Approved!!

When you apply for 501c3 approval from the IRS you receive a message that says to expect 60-90 days for your application to be processed. So imagine my surprise when I went to the Post Office late last week in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I'd hear back early and found that our approval was processed on May 15th! Only thirteen days after I submitted the application. Initially, I was kicking myself for not checking earlier but I quickly shifted my thoughts. If there were ever a sign that we are on the right track with starting this new venture, this was it.

My passion for AspireKids grows every day as I look around and see such incredible need in our communities. Imagine being a kid, sitting next to your friends who are participating in activities after school and knowing that you can't. Knowing that no matter how much you want it, the funds just aren't there. Imagine being in high school, the star of your team with potential scholarships around the corner, but knowing that continuing to pursue your dream puts a drain on your families finances. Quitting seems to be the answer, but is it? Is giving up scholarship potential better or worse for your family, for you? And most importantly, why should a high school student be forced to make that decision? Our mission at AspireKids is to make sure no child has to make those decisions.

With our 501c3 approval comes some serious fundraising plans! Our marketing material is almost done and we ready to go! Look for some fun fundraisers to come in late summer and early fall. And if you have the ability to donate now, we would appreciate it more than you know. Help us change the lives of Aspiring Kids!

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